Capoeira Brasil Cleveland’s mission is to foster the development of all people, in particular young people, to become confident, engaged and physically active community leaders through the Brazilian art of Capoeira. 

Capoeira Brasil Cleveland has demonstrated our mission serving the Cleveland area since 2010 through education and community programs for adults and children. We have introduced capoeira to youth in participation with the Shaker Heights Summer Academy, a program for at risk youth entering high school, for 6 consecutive years and have completed our first year long Capoeira program at Campus International High School. We have also participated in community cultural events such as Parade the Circle, One World Day and the Latino Fest. 

Instructor Santo, also known as Anthony McCombs Santo Domingo is the head Instructor at CBCLE with over 16 years of Capoeira experience. In 2009 he began building Capoeira Brasil Cleveland under the guidance of Formando Tuzhino and Mestre Boneco (a founding member of Grupo Capoeira Brasil).  Capoeira Brasil Cleveland is now the premiere academy for Capoeira instruction in Ohio with programs for adults and children.  Instrutor Santo focuses his instruction on technical execution of movements and emphasis on the basics. His commitment to safe training is paramount. ​

In addition to Capoeira, Instrutor Santo is a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Chris Chard. He is also a licensed massage therapist in practice since 2005. He specializes in deep tissue, sports massage, and therapeutic massage, and has worked with professional athletes for 7 seasons. His knowledge and expertise in body mechanics have continually aided him in training himself and others.